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Remember the first time you floored it?

I had just bought THE CAR in the summer of 69 and my rule for new cars was to hit 100 as soon as possible. So I came out of the dealer and went up the ramp io Hwy 10. Hit the gas and she burned rubber. As I came off the entrance ramp. The guy a quarter mile down the road heard me and looked up in his mirror, then made a right turn on the freeway into the right hand lane and I sort of passed him. He looked really angry. But, the speedometer only said 75. As I continued to hold her down it stayed there. Telephone poles began looking like a picket fence. As I backed her down the needle finally dropped. The needle was sticking at top dead center. Early models had horizontal speedometers. A quick trip back to the dealer and a minor adjustment with a wire cutter fixed that. The next time I came off the ramp I understood why He had given me such a dirty look as I pasted him. The second time at about the same place I was doing 130 mph' at about 3/4 throttle. The rest is history.
  I did a lot of crazy things with this car some of which scare me today. I intend to write these stories once a week or so over the nest few months.

Where We Get Our Street Rod and Muscle Car Pictures

We attend car shows and events to photograph the street rods, hotrods and collector and classic muscle cars you see in the HubcapGT Blog. 

We add new pictures and information on a regular basis, so come back often. My little brother takes the pictures. Bear in mind his idea of a great car is a 1951 Hudson Hornet or a 1925 Kissel. My taste runs to a 409 Chevy or a Cammer Mustang (which I looked at and almost bought new). But since my first car was a 1946 Doge, I bought THE CAR.

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Summer Is Here!

Time to talk about muscle cars.
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The local car show season is here in the Midwest. That means we will be able to get out and visit car enthusiasts at car shows. We look forward to listening to car owners share the stories of their cars and their enthusiasm for the hobby.

Hopefully, I'll hear your story!

My brother hopes to wander a bit further to shows that are more distant to photograph an even greater variety of  cars and trucks.

That should in turn mean an even better experience for you when you visit  HubcapGT as we add more car pictures from those events to our Blog.

See you at the shows!

We have just started building this site!

If you have visited HubcapCafe before, you may notice the similarity in design. my brother has done such a great job, I asked if I could copy his site and he said Ok, so long as I quit telling him he needs to buy something with more power (he just bought a VW bus). Hopefully this site is just as easy to get around in as HubcapCafe, and even easier to find what you want.

Now it's time to get started! We're looking forward to getting many more great classic car pictures to add to the Online Car Show as the season progresses.


HubcapGT has an Blog Street Rod and Muscle Car Show. Cars are shown here for entertainment and informational purposes.

Photos supplied by Ken Bogren

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