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The "CAR"

Right after I got the car I ripped out the limited-slip differential twice in three weeks. when I came back in two weeks later with another one not working, the mechanics asked what was I doing, no one else has this problem. I said "I just drive normally". But, I can't keep losing time off from work to get it fixed. The head mechanic said he knew how to fix the problem, if I was willing. I asked what?.

What he said was, we will put a couple of extra disks in the differential. Fine with me. He then told me I would have a locked rear axle and when I went around a corner, one side or the other will squeal and wear the tires. I said "SO". That's what made it possible for me to always leave two black marks.

I loosened up the torsion bars as much as I dared, but left enough stiffness so I could throw her around a square corner at 35.

I do throw my 78 Tbird around at 25.





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