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The car I bought My Wife

1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V with a 460 engine

(7.538 liters for you youngn's)  GVW 6343

Sits in my garage to this day. It's still brand new.

We were driving home one day when this small finger went right past my nose pointing at something sitting

in front of a car dealer and then that sweet little voice said: "LOOK AT THAT!".

I turned and looked and just said to myself Sandy is getting another new car.

This car was custom ordered by someone else and then canceled at delivery.

The whole story later.

Now I had a history of some fast cars. There was the 62 Rambler Ambassador 4 door I custom ordered and the factory refused to build it because they did not sell that kind of car. I demanded that they build it. A month later, I got a call that my car was in. A mechanic that brought it out said it was really, really fast. IT really was. No one could beat me.  Four months later the battery died. So I said want a new one. They said they could not get the same one because that code showed nowhere the dealers books. Then I went to Gould the manufacture of the battery with the code off the battery in hand. They said it was not a battery in their books. They even called the warehouse. They gave my dealer the biggest battery they had, It was three inches shorter, almost an inch narrower and lower. It got lost in the space made for the original battery. The biggest engine, as I recall, that they offered to the public was a 327. As we later figured out they took a chassis from the police interceptor line that just happened to have an early 390 police interceptor on because it was assembled and had all the other things on that I had ordered. Put  that chassis on top line Ambassador line and dropped my top line Ambassador body on it. I lost only very few races on the street

Shortly after I bought the car the battery died. I went back to the dealer for a new battery. They said it did not exist. The battery was a Gould battery with their name on it. The Gould battery dealer looked in his books for that battery number. He said, I don't understand, the number on the battery doesn't exist at all. He called the factory, they said it does exist and they did make a battery physically that size, not even close. It was almost3 " longer and sat in a special bracket. Hmmmm.





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