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Trure Story

I always needed to hold my left foot on the brakes, as I powered her up, gradually.

Then the tires would brake loose and I could rev the engine up as much as I wanted to try to get them to stick.

This was the only way I could get them to at least hold a little.

The tower after afew weeks told me my car it would hold without doing that. I was covering up the tree and the other drivers did NOT like that, so I would have to stop. I said if I prove that I need to that will I get to burn thriugh the lights or can I then still do regular burn outs. They agreed.

Next time up I just gave a tiny sqeek to clean the tires and staged. The light went green. I didn't move. The tach was hovering at 5200. Opened the door, loced axle, not broke. Cliosed the door, and shifted in to second, By this time the transmission had been converted to mahually shifted automatic. I had now moved about 6 feet. Opened the door again and checked, everthing fine. Closed door and shifted to third. Made a dunb mistake by not thinking. I could move the tack up and down easlie. Some dummy didn;t think to feather gas so as not to overheat the tires. If I done that I think I could have left two black marls for 1320, as it was I only got 1100. Time was 23.16 seconds. I said was going to do it over. They said "flately NO, just do your burn behind the staging lights. End of that.

One time in practice a Pro Stocker laid down some sticky fior atest run. I was the next to use it.
WOW! Turned 12.26 secoonds at 112.03



Someday I will write about how I fixed the same sort of problem at Twin City Speedway red lighted constantly.  If I have the time and the wherewithal to do so. 

I quickly held the track record for a DS/A. So went bracket racing. She ran the around 13.50 sec in the 1/4. But the four speeds were killing me. As I complained about that, someone said he knew of an automatic shop that built some fast automatics. The builder asked me if what I wanted was good street able automatic or a fast one. My reply was I wanted a really, really fast one so I could shift faster than the four speeds. He delivered. What I got was a manual only automatic that shifted so hard it would lift the front end.  And it a high stall 3500 torque converter. It was really fun. In traffic if shifted from low to second it felt like all for wheels came off the ground. Problem was I was grinding the thrust busing to power. After the third one he asked how I was driving the car. He said NO! There are only two ways to shift this automatic. One is you MUST have your foot flat on the floor. The other is that before  you shift you MUST take your foot completely off the gas and then shift. I never ground a thrust busing again.

Now in bracket racing at Minnesota DragWays you had to have a steady speed at the top end. One of my buddies said he knew a gut who fix my four barrel so I would not have that problem. The carb builder asked what was I interested in, a street able carb or a race carb. I said RACE! He then asked a strange question as to what I had done to the automatic. I found out later why. No more vacuum advance. All four barrels worked simultaneously. Touch the gas and you better be ready. It was drivable on the street. However I was now running out of gas at the top end. Adding a second electric fuel pump solved that. But by now the mileage had dropped from 12 to 5 mpg. Add in a Rotofaze distributor with a dual shaft so I could change the timing from 37 advance at the strip to 16 advice for the street without a timing light. Now it was time for bracket racing. There were 5 brackets. Bracket 1 had about 5 cars. Bracket 2 had 10-15. My Bracket 3 had about 40. Bracket 4 had about 15. Bracket 5 had 6. Pay outs were based on speed and number of cars in a bracket. They paid out the top four places. When they called brackets,  brackets 1,2, 4 and 5 lined up. Strangely there was only one car that came in bracket 3, certain Blue with a White top  Dodge R/T with a 440 (7.2 liters) magnum, until a new guy to the strip came and then the other 38 came. Of course I will have to admit that in a year and half I only placed out of the money twice, plus I had two red lights.








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