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I had a real good friend that had a Road Runner with the same engine and transmission I had. Of course we never tested each other out on the street.

He liked telling stories about the crazy things he did in his car over, and over and over. Thus I can still remember them.

Here is one.

Now both of cars came with 3.23 gears so we could really fly if we wanted to. But one day George decided to something really, really crazy. I tried talking him out of it, but couldn't. He wanted to see how fast the Runner would go.

So he calibrated his tach at the strip because he already knew he could burry the needle. Our speedometers were the early version so they were horizontal and only went to 150. He said after that the needle would just disappear. He made 3 strips through the speed timers at 90 and averaged the tach readings. Since his lifters would start floating at 6200 he would not go over 5900. This gave a theoretical top end of 193.4 mph.

He told me He had picked out a safe place to find out. 35E north of St. Paul and is 3 lanes each direction concrete highway with tar strips that you could feel. There is a place where the north and south lanes had to be spread apart by about 500 feet because of a swamp with trees. He figured that if he lost it HE would not hit any on coming traffic and he would hide from any south bound Highway Parole.

The first two times there other cars or a Highway Parole sitting on an access ramp. The third time,  as went under the bridge, no Highway Parole.

He said he was doing 140 and slammed her down. Set him back in his seat. He was having fun looking at the scenery flying by. He said he had the windows up of course, but could rest his arm on the sill. Then, hr said she started feeling light and the tach said 165. he held her down.

Then, driving with one hand, he noticed that small movements of the wheel were not changing directions. Tach said 175. Then as he looked over his hand on the wheel at the hood, the scopes were starting to blur into the hood, but she was straight. Figured the front wheels were resonating with the tar strips. Held her down. Then the car started shaking and he could not see the scopes at all and the tach said 185.

He said he only though about 193 for 2 seconds and chickened out.

Now he was afraid to just jump off the gas , because the nose would dive and if the wheels were not straight he could see himself rolling for 2 miles or taking out a small forest.

So he just eased back very  very slowly. then the wheel jerked and he knew the front was on the ground. Started easing off faster, took the next exit and went home.




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