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A few Stories

Here is how I drove with my wife in the car.

D/SA track record!

We lived about fifty miles outside a big city. the road home was 2 lanes. So in order to pass, I had to first move to the outside lane so I did not hit the car in front of us, and then slam down the gas. She loved riding in the R/T. She would be talking about what she was going to make for supper and at those times when I did look at the speedometer it was normally between 125 and 140. She never commented , just smiled.

On occasion I sometimes wondered which one of she liked more, Me or the R?T. At speeds under 60 mph the ride was extremely rough because the suspension was literally bolted to the ground. However, over 120 mph, the tires flexed so fast the suspension never had time to react and the ride smoothed out.

One time we were coming home in our 71 Mustang, when this voice in the on the other side of the console, said "You're doing 75". I of course immediately brought her to 55. When we got home I asked why she "suggested" I slow down, when we are in the R/T you never say a word. She said: You won't let anything happen to the R/T, but don't care about our other cars". I got the message!

There was a time when we were dating and I wanted to go over to Elkhart Speedway to see a CA_AM race. She wanted to go along, so I said OK. We were behind schedule, so we had little time to get there. We never got stopped from the East side of St. Paul to the track by Lake Michigan. We only averaged 121, because I slowed down to 90 for the small towns. Never got any tickets with the R/T or accidents, Can't say anything about our other cars.

I  never put traction bars on it to go faster. The reason for that was I really enjoyed it and the way it handled. However I was never able to get around a square corner faster than 35 mph.




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