the "R/T"


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A 1969 Dodge Cornet R/T with a
440 Magnum (7.210 liters for you youngn's,
61.0237 Cubes in one cubic liter )
with Ram Air and an automatic


The transmission and engine later.

 So in the summer of 1969 I  went out looking for a four door hard top family car. The Dodge dealer I went to did not have one, so the salesman suggested I take a walk and look around. What I saw. was a lot of four speed muscle cars that they were getting over sticker for. I saw four blue  Dodge R/T 's with white tops sitting in a row. Three four speeds and one automatic. I noticed as I recall that the automatic had an extra line at the bottom of the build sheet. Something about some kind of "Power-Pak". The salesman asked if had seen anything. I said all I see are four speeds and I don't like sifting. He replied, we do have one automatic, would that interest you, we can make a good deal on it. So in my mind I figured they had 25% markup. So I took another $100 off that and told him what I would pay and he said: :NO". So I started walking away. He said just a minute, let ,me talk to manager. Now I knew this was not going to happen, so I started walking out. He came back out and said the needed $50 more. Woops. Now I was trying to get out of this deal, so I said I wanted the fancy rims that some of the four speeds had. To my surprise, He immediately said deal. Now I was really afraid this was going to happen. When He checked my credit he said He needed a down payment. I was out of there. Told him I didn't have any. He asked If I had money on me, told him all I had was a $20 dollar bill. He said , deal we will get you a small loan for rest. All of a sudden I did not have a family car.


When I picked the car up the mechanic said do not go over 100 for the first 100 miles. Sure. Now I had just bought "THE CAR" and my rule for new cars was to hit 100 as soon as possible. So I came out of the dealer and went up the ramp to Hwy 10. Hit the gas and she burned a little rubber. As I came off the entrance ramp, the guy a quarter mile down the road heard me and looked up in his mirror, then made a right turn on the freeway into the right hand lane and I sort of passed him. He looked really angry. But, the speedometer only said 75. As I continued to hold her down it stayed there. Telephone poles began looking like a picket fence. As I backed her down the needle finally dropped. The needle was sticking at top dead center at 75 mph. Early models had a horizontal speedometers. A quick trip back to the dealer and a minor adjustment with a wire cutter fixed that by cutting off the top of the needle. The next time I came off the ramp I understood why He had given me such a dirty look as I pasted him. The second time at about the same place I was doing 130 mph' at about 3/4 throttle.  In the next 3 weeks I tore up three limited slip differentials. I was not happy, even though they replaced them for free. A mechanic said he could fix that. I said do it. Then he told me there would be one hitch. I said what. He said I can put two extra disks in there , but then you will have a locked rear axle and it will squeak going around corners. I said SO.  The rest is history. I did a lot of crazy things with this car some of which scare me today. I intend to write these stories down when I have time.




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